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November 5, 2014

Prospective tenants should print out the PDF or Word version of the application, fill it out and sign it, and bring it along to the property showing. If you cannot access the Word or PDF versions, you may print this page out and use it as the application.

Printable PDF of Tenant Application

(Need Adobe Acrobat Reader? Download a free version here)

Printable Word version of Tenant Application

HTML version appears below


1. Address of rental ___________________________________________________________.
2. Full name___________________________Birthdate________________Soc. Sec. #_________________. 
3. Email address___________________________Cell phone_____________________Texting OK?_____.  
4. Current Iowa City address_______________________________________________________________.
5. Parents' names_________________________________________________________________________.
6. Parents’ address_____________________________________________________Phone______________.
7. College major, and year in college_________________________________________________________.
8. References: Current landlord____________________________________________Phone_____________.
   If live in dorm, name of RA_____________________________________________Phone_____________.
   Work supervisor name__________________________________________________Phone_____________.
   UI Faculty member contact: Name___________________________Email address___________________.

9. A system that we have used for the past several years involves the tenants issuing pre-dated individual rent checks to landlords for each of the twelve months of the lease term.  The rent checks are then deposited at the first of each month by landlord.  The system eliminates the monthly process of making sure the rent gets to the landlord, and also eliminates any late rent penalties.  This system has no affect on the status of the lease, which is joint and several.
Will you be willing to issue pre-dated rent checks at start of lease?_____________________.
Is there a possibility that you would want to renew the lease for a 2nd year?_____________.

10. About your group:            a. # people_____.       b. # cars_____.            c. # smokers_____.
NOTE: Burning of candles/smoking of tobacco products not permitted on premises.

11. Have you been or are you presently an illegal abuser of any controlled substance?________.

12. If tenant references and information are acceptable, and both parties are interested in signing a lease, a tenant security deposit will need to be paid at the signing of the lease.  It is understood that the lease will be a joint and several agreement between all tenants on the lease and landlords.  The security deposit will be equal in amount to one month's rent.  The deposit held by the landlord, prior to commencement of the lease, will be deemed to be the consideration paid by the tenants to reserve the property for the period of the lease agreement.  The security deposit is held by landlord and will be refunded at the conclusion of the lease, net of itemized deductions, if any.  Unless prior arrangements are made, the full amount of the deposit will be due at the signing of the lease.  Are you prepared to do this?______________.

13. Heavy cleaning may be necessary when tenants move in at the start of the lease, due to prior tenants not doing a good job of cleaning up.  In the event this situation arises, new tenants agree to do this cleaning and will be paid for their time by Landlords by using prior tenants' security deposits.  Are you willing to accept this arrangement should it arise?_______________.

14. It is understood that subtenants that live at the property are to be considered as being approved by all tenants on the lease.  If there is a problem with a subtenant it is the responsibility of tenants to advise landlord about the problems and then make arrangements for the subtenants to straighten up or move out.

I authorize James B. Buxton to verify the above information by contacting the necessary individuals.

Applicant_____________________________ Date_____________________

Return to:  James B. and Becky J. Buxton, 1811 Muscatine Ave., Iowa City, IA  52240-6414.  (319) 354-7262(h).  (319) 631-1972(c).  jimbuxton@mchsi.com.          
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