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Page last updated
July 4, 2016

Getting ready to move in? Time to start up utilities & services

MidAmerican Energy (gas & electric): (888) 427-5632

City of Iowa City (water & sewer): (319) 356-5064

CenturyLink Qwest (telephone): (877) 780-4486

Mediacom (cable): (866) 637-2225

Please refer to your rental agreement for details about your utilities. Telephone and television reception is tenant responsibility. This list is provided for your convenience only. It does not represent any services provided by the landlord.

Important phone numbers & contact information

Office: (319) 354-7262

Email: jimbuxton@mchsi.com

Emergency maintenance after 5:00 pm: (319) 631-0593

At the start of the lease term:

- Pre-dated rent checks need to be received on or before August 1 of the lease year in order for you to pick up keys to the property.

- Once you get your new phone number, please submit it to the office.

- Please submit your email address, if you have one, to the office.

- No early entrance into units is allowed unless previous arrangements have been made.

- You must have the utilities in your name when you pick up keys.

- Utilities may be disconnected as soon as August 2 if you have not done so.

- If you are not moving in on August 1, please (a) make arrangements to have rent paid on or before August 1 (late fees still apply even if you have not moved in); (b) establish utilities in your name; and (c) make contact with the office in writing that you will be arriving late and what arrangements you would like to make to pick up keys.


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